Propagating a Japanese Maple…i think? part 2

Well as stated in the prior post, I made the first and biggest mistake by leaving the cuttings out in the open in my apartment, I believe this caused them to dry out a little too much. Being that the suggested is to plant immediately or to keep the cuttings Moist.  The purpose of keeping the plant moist is to keep the plant alive, so that in the rooting process it will retain the necessary energy to provide nutrients to the roots.

After finally having had the free moment to purchase the rooting hormone i wounded the cutting to expose an opening for the roots to come out of as well, then I applied the rooting hormone. Rooting Hormones not only increase the possiblility that rooting will occur but most of the rooting hormones also have a fungicide which protects the cutting from getting a disease and molding. I then inserted my cuttings into a growing medium and have kept them moist. At this point it is best to keep the cutting in a partially sunny but mostly shady location at 60 degrees temp.

But still no results, this could be one of two options. the first is that I let the cuttings dry out and die.

The second is that the plant is naturally in its dormancy meaning that there is a possibility it will root when spring comes along, but we’ll see.

Quick Recap:

Propagating a Hardwood Cutting
1. have a cutting of the prior seasons growth at least 6-8 inches in length from a healthy plant.

2. make cutting on a 45 degree angle just above the node and wound to promote rooting

3. apply rooting compound

4. plant in a growing medium that is well aerated.

5. keep moist

6. Keep in a primarily shady location at 60 degrees until roots begin to form

7. Enjoy


3 responses to “Propagating a Japanese Maple…i think? part 2

  1. Great post. How long do you think it might take for the roots to start growing? Look forward to reading your next post.

  2. I've tried cuttings of serviceberry and magnolia with no luck. But I'll keep hoping!

  3. @needle-n-thread- hopefully sooner than later, patience is running out but you can't rush nature, it isn't even spring yet.

    @ Xan- Im hoping something takes root, i won't stop until something does..but i'll do a follow up if something does or doesnt happen

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