Foods of India

Foods of India Foods of India

121 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 683-4419
As someone who has worked in New York Restaurants that will not settle for old spices, Foods of India is the place to go. They have a Huge variety of Spices as well as other grocery items and teas.
There spices are always fresh and affordable. But most importantly, the service is great. I have gone in a few times on a hot summers day to pick up a restaurant order, and have been offered/given cold drinks. 
This time around I needed to stock up my pantry, so I bought:
YellowMustard Seed
Brown Mustard Seed
Red Mustard Seed
Cumin Seed
Coriander Seed
Green Cardamom
Chili Flakes
Dill Seed
I also bought an Organic Silver Needle White Tea called Galil that was pretty great in my eyes.
If you’re ever in the area or just in need of some great spices, make sure to check Foods of India out. You will not be dissapointed




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