Frijoles (Pinto Beans)

Growing up not a week went by, without us eating pinto beans. Whether it was for breakfast, lunch, or dinner there were beans on the stove top or in the refrigerator, ready and waiting to be heated up, upon the arrival of unexpected guests.

My Abuela always had beans ready. All of the family at one point in the day or another would stop by to say hello, talk about a family matter, hang out after school, or to pick their children up after work. The house was the central point in which everyone could meet, so most family gatherings took place here as well. You couldn’t leave the house without having something to eat. The chances were that Frijoles  were gonna be part of the meal, but no one ever complained, they were delicious!  Cooked to perfection, refried, in a par, with chorizo, with rice, or frijoles charros were just some of the ways beans were incorporated into our meals.

Frijoles pintos

1# of pinto beans Pre-soaked overnight

4 large cloves of Garlic

water two inches above the beans ( adding more when necessary)

salt to taste

1/2 small onion

1 Bay leaf.

This is a very easy recipe to do but the beans do take a while, so make sure to plan ahead. My abuela would make this part of her every day rhythm soak the beans. go to sleep. wake up. drink coffee with cookies. make my abuelo breakfast. and cook beans..

Rinse the soaked beans

add everything minus the salt.

bring to a boil,

then bring to a simmer

and cook slowly.

Once 90% cooked (almost creamy all the way through, but the slightest bit in the center) add salt

cook for 5 minutes

turn off and let steep with a lid for about 15 minutes before serving. This will enure the beens finish cooking, and will allow the beans to soak up the salt .

Serve and enjoy.

* Even though this is an investment of time, it never seemed like a big deal to my Abuela. It was just part of what needed to get done. She knew if she wanted the best results she had to do it herself. This is what Slow food is all about. Taking the time to make something great, and then turning around and enjoying it with those you love.*


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