Fresh Chamomile Tea (Tisane)


           One of the things I love about the beginning of summer is the fresh Chamomile. Chamomile or Manzanilla  was the go to tea if you weren’t feeling well in my family. Whether you had a stomach ache, you had a headache, or you just needed to relax. My parents and grandparents would make us drink this tea. “It’ll make you feel better”  They would always say to us.
               I could never find a reason not to like Chamomile then or now. The smell of the tea itself is very soothing, you drink it and you feel relaxed (too much of it will make you sleepy) and back then, it made me feel like a grown up. “Drinking tea just like the grown-ups” I would think to myself and smile. Now it brings me back home whenever I drink it.
A Tisane is drunken like a tea, but is in fact,  just an infusion of herbs, flowers, barks, or roots. Not a tea because isn’t derived from actual Tea plant.
Fresh Chamomile Tea (Tisane) is great because the flavors are crisp and clean.


3 large Tb of Fresh Chamomile Flowers
3 cups of water
1 ts of honey (per cup)


Bring the water to just under a boil


*boiling the water causes oxygen loss in the water, and can often leave you with a flat tasting cup of tea. Boiling the water will acutally at times give your tea a bitter taste*


Pour over Chamomile flowers.


Let steep for 3-7 minutes, tasting at 3 min. to see where the development of the tea is at. Once it is perfect remember the time and use it as a guide.


*not all chamomile is the same, so it is best to taste, at different times during the steeping period to find perfection.*


Pour your self a cup, add the honey and enjoy!
I often add a splash of milk to mine.

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