Simple Pleasures

This time of the year, there is an abundance of fresh produce available at your local farmers markets. But the one fruit that happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine is the Tomato..I know I’m not alone with this one. My grandparents were long time gardeners that grew a few things every year, but did it well. Tomatoes were always the focal point in their gardens, with peppers being second. Not a year would go by, without receiving a bag full of tomatoes and peppers at their peak.

The preferred method of eating this plump juicy fruit was with just a touch of salt. (Make sure to the tomatoes are at room temp, in order to taste all the flavors it has to offer.)

This winter I read a book (I will post its name, when I find it, I have a horrible habbit of reading several books at the same time..and tend to mix up the stories..) where the author recollects eating freshly picked tomatoes that have been lightly salted atop of rye bread with mayo.

Aside from the tomato, bread, and mayo playing second fiddle to turkey in my sandwich, I never thought to let them stand alone. This being said, I had to give it a shot. I went over to the Union Square Green Market found myself perfectly ripe Heirloom tomatoes, some really good rustic italian bread, and rushed back home. I made a simple mayo, sliced, then lightly toasted the bread, and cut the tomatoes into half inch slices. I wanted the tomato to shine, so I made open faced sandwiches.

Who knew that something so simple to make, was that delicious, and why haven’t I tried it before. My girlfriend and I had our fair share of these sandwiches that night, and look forward to our next encounter with this simple pleasure, that will now stay with me forever.


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