Chiles Rellenos: a prelude



Whenever I find myself really thinking about home, I make dishes that really remind me of my family growing up. Specifically, dishes my family use to make that have really made an impression on me. One dish in particular, Chiles Rellenos- a roasted, seeded, stuffed, battered and fried poblano pepper, served in several different ways: with a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, with cheese, with a sauce and cheese, or in a picadillo ( a shredded beef broth made with onions tomatoes and garlic), just to name a few. It  is the one thing that warms my heart and makes me feel right at home, starting with the smell of the roasted poblano peppers. Whenever the smell of a roasted pepper enters my nose, it brings a smile to my face and I remember the time when I was a kid.

Every one of the kids on the block I grew up on would play basketball in our alleys. We actually owned two portable rims and, set up full court games that would go on all day. However, there was always that moment, when one of the moms on the block would begin to make dinner, and the smell of whatever they were making would slowly but surely pull us all away from our games. Either that or they would be called in, or sometimes threatened until they did come in. Not to worry the threat was always the same. “IF YOU DON’T COME IN RIGHT NOW!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO OUTSIDE FOR A WEEK!!!!'” Which for us was a big deal, but harmless.

The one thing that my mother never had to fuss with me about was when she would make Chiles Rellenos. As she would begin to roast the peppers the perfume would carry out the window and travel all the way to our noses, and everyone knew she was making them. My friends would let me know (with slight envy), as if I didn’t know already, that my mom was making Chiles Rellenos. Sure enough as soon as they were done, my mom would call us in, and without a fight we would come running in excited to enjoy our dinner. These Chiles, take a little bit of time to make, especially if you are cooking for a large family. So my mother would make these only now and again, making them a treat for us to really enjoy, when ever they were made.

Chiles Rellenos are actually quite easy to make, not difficult at all, just a bit time consumming. Like most foods, it is much more enjoyable to make with help and time on your side.

Have you ever eaten or made Chiles Rellenos?

What is your favorite food memory?


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