Happy New Years!!

                       Happy New Years!!!

How did you Spend your New Years Eve? and How did you spend the First day of the New Year?

                    This year Carolina and I decided to take it easy and stay at home this past year’s end. This was the first in seven years that I actually had New Years eve and day off, so we wanted to make it special. Usually Carolina would come to the restaurant, have dinner, and wait until I finished up so that we could toast to the New Year right at twelve a.m.  Then we would go out with a few friends… blah blah blah…

Instead of going out doing the same ol’ same ol’ we wanted to spend the time together and possibly create a new tradition. Spending the day with the people you  truly love and doing the things you love to do.



New Years Eve. Itinerary 

Breakfast (pancakes)

Union Square Farmers Market and Whole Foods

Whole Lot of cooking

Movie Watching in each other’s arms (until I get too hot)

Dinner with great background music:

  1. Curried Lentil Soup ( lentils are suppose to be lucky for the New Year)

  2. Brocoli Rabe w/ seared Garlic and chili flakes

  3. Pan roasted potatoes w/ red kale and shallots

  4. A 2 1/2 in thick slow cooked bone in Rib-eye Steak

Desert as we watched the show leading up to the ball dropping in Times Square

  1. Bread Pudding w/ Vanilla Ice cream

Champagne and Grapes to toast the New Year

This to be honest was a last minute decision, and to be honest one of the best ones I have ever made. This was the best way to spend the last minutes of last year and the beginning of the new year






2 responses to “Happy New Years!!

  1. I truely agree with you, as much as I wanted to go see the ball drop at times square, I deffinetly had a much better time being at our new place and like you said doing things we love to do.

    • I can’t believe I forgot to mention our impromptu dance session :-)… but what a better way to have spent the last minutes of the last year with my love, and start the new year with you as well

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