Preserved Meyer Lemons


Preserved Meyer Lemons are quite easy to make, and the end result is well worth the wait.

what you need is:

  • Kosher Salt………………………… 3 c.
  • Sugar………………………………… 1 1/2 c.
  • Meyer Lemons…………………….16
  • 3 pint mason jars

***When using mason jars, make sure to always sterilize them, especially if you are planning on holding food in them for some time.***

Combine the salt and the sugar in a bowl, until thoroughly  mixed.

Add 1/4 in. of the salt mixture on the bottom of each sterilized jar.

Using a pairing knife 1/4 12 of the meyer lemons, and remove all the seeds.

image    image

juice the remaining 4 and set aside.

thoroughly season the 1/4 pieces of Meyer lemons with the salt mixture

and proceed to add the Meyer Lemon wedges into the jars in layers


after each layer of lemons add a layer of the salt mixture.

Once you’ve reached 1 inch from the top. finish with the salt mix. and top off  each jar with the juice.


At this point. make sure to wipe the mouths of the jars clean, with a clean napkin, then seal.

Leave them in a cool dry place for 30 days. then they are ready to use.

In the mean time, look up different recipes in which you can use your new ingredients with

and have fun!

*To add a bit more depth to your preserved lemons, you can add: bay leaves, peppercorns, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, dried chillies..etc.*

feel free to test and find your perfect mix and  when you do…share!!!!

(you may or may not end up with extra ingredients, primarily because, the Meyer Lemons you used were larger or smaller than what I used. If this happens, and you fall short, do only what you can. If you have Meyer lemons left over, you can preserve more, or be creative and use them for dinner, but never waste.)

Cook well.


2 responses to “Preserved Meyer Lemons

  1. Love these! We just finished going through our batch of salt preserved meyer lemons from last year. I just used salt but I love the idea of adding sugar to the mix!

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