Galil Organic Silver Needle White Tea


Galil Silver Needle White Tea is a very pure, clean, and delicate tea. Which is the reason why I really enjoy it. White tea is very good for you, it is not only rich in Antioxidents, but is also rich in fluoride, meaning that with every cup you drink you are fighting tooth decay. It is also supposed to boost your immune system, help strengthen your bones, fight cancer, and give you healthy skin, so if you are ever feeling a little under the weather try having a cup of white tea, instead of instantly going to the medicine cabinet.

Of all the teas that I enjoy drinking, this one is always my go to, the one I choose to have on hand at all times in my home.  I enjoy drinking this when I feel I need to relax, when i’m reading a book, taking care of my plants, when I’m planning out my day with my lovely girlfriend, or just because I want some tea. That being said I go through a lot of this tea, but the good thing is that it is affordable.  For 3.5 oz of tea I pay $15.00

I usually purchase this at:

Foods of India

121 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 683-4419
What’s your favorite white tea, or tea in general? 

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