The Ant and the Grasshopper…vs. Hurricane Sandy A.K.A. Frankenstorm (terrible name)

Threat of Hurricane Sandy is in full effect. Many other people out there may think, this is not a big deal, but who really knows? It may very well be a strong storm with high winds, and that is it. But it could also be a lot worse than that.

As many people have already seen, there has been flooding around the city, evacuation notices have been made, and the worst still has yet to come. Power outages, water contamination, and worse case scenario..loss of lives. If this is to happen, all the people who smirked at the thought of a hurricane actually causing damage might be in trouble. Their doubt most likely led them to not prepare for what might be to come. Shortage of drinking water, food, warmth, and light. All these things that we cannot live without.

So as in the story of the ant and the grasshopper, I believe it is always better to have been prepared, then to not have been at all. I know I should have posted this earlier, but, I was covering my bases.

In case of an emergency like this, it is important to have water, or even Iodine tablets that make drinking water safe.

Another very important thing is food, having at least a few days worth of ready to eat foods, in case the power/gas goes out. The easiest thing to do here is to have some canned food stocked up. However, if the power does go off, the main priority is making use of everything that can be used in your refrigerator first. Keep in mind  the longer your refrigerator stays closed, the longer it will remain cold. But, be very careful not to eat any food that you may think is unsafe to eat.

If the power goes out, you need to have a supplemental light source, such as a  flashlight (don’t forget about the batteries), or candles (don’t forget the matches).

It is important to have these things around at all times, not just in an emergency. It is usually too late, if you try to do last minute shopping. Not to mention, it is nerve wrecking, and dangerous because people are freaking out because there isn’t any more water. It will not only be a major  stress reliever, for yourself, but you will be able to focus on other things as well.

I hope everyone is safe out there, and that no one is suffering at all.


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