Brown Butter

 Brown Butter   B.B.
1lb. of unsalted butter
Equipment/ tools needed:1 sauce pot,  1 whisk, 1 fine mesh strainer, a heat proof container (such as a stain less steel bain marie, and cheesecloth (your preference-to strain the caramelized milk solids or not)

This is a back burner type of project.  In a medium sized sauce pot, on low to medium heat, add the butter. Let the butter melt completely and come to a really low simmer. Occasionally (about every 10 minutes or so) give it a good stir with a whisk. The goal is to caramelize the milk solids, the creamy layer of the melted butter. Whisking ensures that the milk solids are being evenly caramelized and not just sicking to the bottom and burning. After about half of an hour the butter should be an amber color.  Strain using a cheesecloth and a fine mesh strainer.

The Result-

This amazing smell will instantly make your mouth water, and can be applied to just about anything that is cooked.. Great in Deserts, Purees, used to baste meat, vegetables, as an emulsified sauce for pasta.

If refrigerated with a lid, the B.B. will keep for at least a month. (longer than that if you can keep yourself from using it all before then)

The pictures below, are the different stages you will see when you make your own Brown Butter. (This is obviously more than one pound, but then again it was for the restaurant)







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