Hunts Point Fish Market: Part 1


The day was long gone, but the night had just begun. After working an intensely busy friday night service. Sammuel Diaz and myself found it only logical to go to Hunts Point Fish Market and see where the fish, that most restaurants in New York use, comes from.

It was two o’ clock in the morning, we had just finished doing the inventory, and were ready for an adventure.

We hopped on the train and off we were on our way to getting closer to the food that we worked with everyday, to see what happens before the fish arrives in the restaurant on ice.


We arrive at Hunts Point Fish Market, a massive open space with several Fish Mongers displaying their freshly caught goods. Inspiration at it’s best. We felt like children in a candy store, where to begin. Salmon, tuna, monkfish, cod, a wide assortment of shellfish, marlin just the tip of the iceberg There was also a numerous amount of fish we have never seen before. This was inspiring, overwhelming, and more than anything, a reality check that we still have a lot to learn (not that we didn’t know that already). Hunts Point Fish Market was definitely a sight to see.


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