Hunts Point Fish Market: Part 2

  Being at Hunts Point Fish Market was exhilarating. There were fish mongers everywhere (as there should have been) retrieving orders, breaking down fish and restocking their display. Workers using forklifts ZOOMING right by without any sort of warning. People rushing by trying to get the nicest fish before the next guy.


There were all kinds of fish, Some too big to be displayed whole, while others were displayed with their last meal still in there mouths.





Shellfish and Crustaceans galore, still moving as if they had just been plucked from there home. Soft shell crabs (pictured above), lobsters, mussels, razor clams, oysters, and peeky toe crabs (pictured below) as well as others.



However, one of the coolest things that we came across was this gentleman right here. This guy was fast. He was breaking down these tunas with finesse and speed that can only come from years of practice. It took everything in me to not bother this man, so that I could ask him a few questions. A lot of me thinks that I would have been ignored even if I did try because he was in the zone. This is just something that had to be seen first hand to really appreciate.

Hunts Point Fish Market left us both inspired and exhausted we left at 4a.m.



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  1. Nice Post! Keep em coming!

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