Trussing a Turkey

Trussed Turkey

Trussing is a technique used in order to help the turkey cook more evenly. This happens because you compress the legs and the wings to the side of the breast and this keeps the bird nice and tight. Trussing a turkey also helps keep the stuffing inside.

This is how you Truss a Turkey ( Or any bird for that matter)



Cut about 5 ft of butchers twine, you may need a little less, but this should leave you with room for error.

Place the butchers twine underneath both of the legs


and evenly extend the twine on both ends.


Next, bring the right piece of twine over the right leg and under the left leg.

wpid-20131127_221536.jpg wpid-20131127_221543.jpg

And the left piece of twine over the left leg and under the right leg.

wpid-20131127_221551.jpg wpid-20131127_221410.jpg

Pull both ends across tightly, and towards the top of the bird.


While doing this, make sure the wings are tucked behind its back, and tied snug.

wpid-20131127_220514.jpgwpid-20131127_220518.jpgwpid-20131127_220541.jpg wpid-20131127_220531.jpg

Then tie the knot, making sure to keep the bird nice and tight.


Simple enough, and the best part is that you could do this ahead of time, so that all you have to do is put the turkey in the oven when it is time.

If you have any questions, or need a step cleared up, comment below.


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