Compound Butter


Okay its game time, and you need to put the bird in the oven soon. But you are not sure just how you want to go about it..don’t worry. We got you covered, compound butter is the answer.

Compound butter is one of the easiest things you could do to help boost flavor.

Compound butter is butter mixed with a couple other ingredients, that is then mixed together. This has been done for quite some time. Primarily found on top of steaks, but can really be used any place where butter would be used.

It is especially great when roasting whole birds, like Turkey or Chicken. The high initial heat of roasting proceeded by the lower heat, caramelizes the garlic just perfectly. Leaving you with golden crispy skin because of the butter, with an ever pleasant aroma of the garlic and the herbs.

This recipe is especially great if you are in a pinch, because most of these ingredients are used in several other classic Thanksgiving dishes. So you may just have them on hand already.


4 Herb Compound Butter

1 Tb minced garlic

1 Tb finely cut parsley

1 Tb finely cut sage

1 tsp thyme and rosemary

1/4 lb unsalted  tempered butter


Combine all ingredients together, and then it is ready to use.

If you do not have the time to cut all these herbs, you can achieve the same goal, by using a food processor. But make sure you put the garlic in first, then the herbs, to make sure they get cut enough. Putting everything at once will leave you with larger chunks of garlic.

I also didn’t add salt in this recipe, because I have already brined the bird. Salting the butter as well, would just be overkill.

If you are using this to roast your turkey, apply generously all over the bird, including under the skin, and inside the cavity.


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