Bread: a Brief Intro..More to come


I love bread.. I think a little more than I should..but how can you not!? To think that all that all that flavor is coming from flour water and yeast, amazes me.

I have made bread on and off for some years now. And have just started again.

I only make bread for myself and a few others I do everything by hand, for me its the only way. There is something about using my hands to mix the ingredients,  then to knead the dough, that just feels natural and organic.

Not to mention it is a great stress reliever.

I  am not a professional bread baker, nor do I claim to be. But I would like to share with you some of the knowledge that I have come across. Things what I was taught at school several years ago, what I have learned from the experience I do have, and from the books that I have read.

Hopefully my bread journey on Aworldwithoutfood will be one of deliciousness, and one where we can all learn.


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