Seed Catalogs


Every year, the same thing happens to me. Winter feels like it’s never going to come, then it hits, and I feel like it’s never gonna end. The snow is never-ending, temperatures drop to -0 , and the once beautiful snow, has turned into a slushy mess or worse, into ice.. Usually, around the time when I lose all hope that winter is gonna last forever!



A sudden burst of warmth runs through me, a quick flash back to being out in the garden hits me, then I drop everything I was doing and immediately start flipping through them.

First up to bat was the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalog. I am a big fan of this seed catalog because of all the amazing seeds they have, not to mention all the great info. The most important thing about rare seeds is their commitment to only providing Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds. When I open one of their seed catalogs I feel like I know everyone that is part of rare seeds because they introduce you to all their staff, tell a great story and paint a beautiful picture, its hard not to buy from them. after all of that, then you come to the seeds, and you just can’t resist
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds are located in: Mansfield, Mo. , Petaluma, Ca.  Wethersfield, Ct.   And started in 1998

Next up is the Territorial Seed catalog. I really enjoy this company because of the vast variety of products they have available. From seeds to books to soil testing kits and kitchen equipment.
Territorial Seeds was one of the first seed company’s I have ever bought from.

  • Bull’s blood beets
  • evening primrose
  • cherokee purple tomato
  • breakfast radishes.

They amaze me every year with the new products that they come out with as well as the pretty cool app on their website that allows you plan you’re garden. It is called Garden Planner  It allows you to completely customize the way the graph is set up as well as set it to your climate. It is a $25 a year subscription, but they let you try it out for free for a month to see if you really like it. (it is completely worth it!) So go over to the site, and check it out, a real good tool for any gardener. Their website also has tons of tutorials that are great to watch.
Territorial Seed is located in Cottage Grove, Or.

As I flip through these catalogs, a childish lack of patience overruns me and cannot wait to get back into the garden. I look through last years seeds, and create an inventory. Then I start to pick and choose everything I want to grow this year.

Happy Gardening!


2 responses to “Seed Catalogs

  1. Yep! So much fun. Even though I only had online or pdf catalogs this year. Next year will be different! If we use paper for anything, seed catalogs have got to be one of its best uses.

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