Richard Bertinet’s Bread Technique (video)

So, I’ve been baking bread as I have mentioned before, I have quite a few books on baking bread, and the one that really sparked my interest was Crust, the way Richard Bertinet made his bread was very interesting to me. He uses a technique that is different than the way most people are used to. He doesn’t knead his dough .. here is a video where he demonstrates his technique.


As part of the Zero to /Hero: 30 days to a Better Blog challenge, we were given the task of using a format that we normally do not use. For me, that was a video,  I have yet up until this point ever used a video in my blog. That may change after this, with some of my own. 


7 responses to “Richard Bertinet’s Bread Technique (video)

  1. I enjoyed watching him work with the dough! I’ve been making Chad Robertson’s bread lately, another no knead but somewhat different method.

  2. Here’s the sourdough starter that I ordered. You can buy only one for $5-6, I think. I’ll bet you would love it.

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