What Inspired Me to Love Food

I love everything and anything that falls under the world of food. My first Inspiration started with something as simple as eating food, this came to me very early as it does with most people, when I was just a child, I know it seems silly, but I have met several people who eat food only out of necessity, and care little of the enjoyment it brings. I  have always been a sucker for the simple pleasures that food can bring.  The textures, the flavors, the smells, and most importantly, the memories that food can create. This in itself inspired me to want to be able to recreate these things as much as possible.

The second thing that inspired me  was growing my own food. Unfortunately, I am not able to grow all the food I eat (a dream soon to be a reality, I hope), but I do grow some of it. This began with helping my Grandfather out in the yard when I was old enough to follow him around. He would grow the staples for a Mexican household- Jalapenos, Banana Peppers, Serranos, Cilantro, Tomatoes (Romas, and Beefsteaks) and Scallions. While he tended his garden, weeded the yard, and mowed the lawn I followed him around wide eyed, trying to absorb everything he would say and do.  This not only brought out my love of growing food, but also my love and fascination of being outdoors, and the world around me.

The third is cooking, this truly came from being at my Abuelas house before the family parties would start. Depending on the event, all the women or men of the family would be in the kitchen cooking, or sitting around the table preparing everything to be cooked. As children, my cousins, brothers and I were always told to go play outside during these moments, but for some reason my curiosity, would call me to the kitchen. I wanted to learn how to make the food that I loved eating so much. This however, did two things for me. It gave me a sense of accomplishment (being able to re-create the dishes I loved) and the confidence to continue to cook.



To make a long story short, my family inspired me in several ways to love food.  Every family party, no matter what the occasion revolved around the kitchen table and the food that was on it. Thank you.


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