Finding My Greenthumb

A few years ago, I started my first blog,  Finding My Greenthumb. It was my way of helping myself to learn how to garden, and try to keep everything logged down. Along the way of trying to upkeep the blog, I made some good friends and met some really great people. I have unfortunately slipped away from the blog, because I didn’t have anytime to garden when I first moved to New York.

For the past year I have kept a small garden on my fire escape, and have missed writing about it. So, as a way of merging the best of both worlds. This page here will be dedicated to my garden, whether it be an herb garden, a window sill garden, or  a fire escape garden.


I hope that as I continue this journey of Finding my Greenthumb, I will be able to share the knowledge that I come across, and most importantly..that you will learn as I will from my success and my mistakes.


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