I happened to stumble across Podunk, in the way I enjoy finding most of my favorite places- by accident. One day while walking around the East Village I passed Po dunk and knew that I had to return sometime in the near future.

Sure enough a friend of mine was in the mood for some tea, and I knew just where to go..kind of… for some reason couldn’t remember the unique name of this place and hadn’t written down the address. So we just back-tracked my steps until we found it. The weather was great so it made for a nice walk.

We walked in and the proprietor was kind enough to let us sit where we’d like. There is a very “at home” type of feel to the tea room due to the variety of different colored and styled chairs tables, books, frames, and plants. This to me was what made this experience as great as it was. Other places can make you feel out of character, and out of place, but this one let’s you feel at home (respectfully of course). We ended up ordering a big pot of tea, and having a good ol’time, talking away a little part of the day about the usual- cooking, food, work, gardening, and tea.

The tea selection is great, I can’t wait to return and try a few of the different varieties.  When we decided to carry on with our day, we had a brief conversation with Elspeth, who had offered us some great solutions to the gardening problems we had just been speaking of. She had over heard us while she was baking in the kitchen and was a great help. At Podunk everything is made in house, and baked fresh daily, if I hadn’t just eaten, I would have loved to try their delicious smelling pastries.  As we walked out, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I’d return.  Thank you for a great experience, and the tea.

**Podunk is on Facebook. You can follow them here !!  (or by clicking the photo directly below) **

231 E 5th St
(between Cooper Sq & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: East Village

(212) 677-7722


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